Technology In Health Care

Technology Is making this easy in the health care world. Doctors and patients can communicate using technology. While this is easy to do the medical offices have to make sure they are in compliance with the HIPAA secure text messaging laws and regulations. HIPAA now mandates that computers and all other electronic forms of communication must ensure patient privacy. There are standards and guidelines to make sure a medical office is in compliance with these rules and laws.

Medical offices have to ensure that all employees are trained in HIPAA and the rules. When putting patient’s medical information online the medical practice has to think about what employees are going to need access to this information to carry out the responsibilities of their job. Doctors and nurses are going to need access but there may be other staff members such as those in the billing department that may need access as well.


All of a patient’s information must be kept confidential. This means that everything on a computer should be well protected. The system to use the computer should be protected by a password. The password must be confidential. Once a staff member is done on the computer they should log off so no one else can see this information. When data is being sent or access it should be encrypted so that no one outside of the medical office has access to this information. This will help prevent hackers and others from gaining access to this medical information.

Enforcement of the Laws
If a medical office is suspected for violating the HIPAA policies that than they can face some serious issues. There are fines that the company is going to have to pay. They can be thousands of dollars per violation. There are also criminal penalties which includes even more fines. Some of these violations are even punishable by jail time and other legal fines. The medical practice can also be hit with a number of civil lawsuits from the patient’s who information was not kept in a safe and secure manner.

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Access to Records
Patients are able to access their medical records online. They can set up a profile and have access to their medical history and any treatment that they are seeking. While this makes it easy for patient it is important that the medical office takes measure to insure that this information is safe. A patient should be required to set up a user account with their specific name and password. The website should also log a person out after a specific time period. That way a random person cannot access this information.

Technology has made many medical advances and will continue to help patients receive better medical care. According to the HIPPA laws and regulation this information has to be kept confidential to make sure the rights of the patients are not violated.